2019               Leanne Zacharias, Music for Spaces

Modern solo works by John Cage, Andrew Norman, Michael Oesterle, Emily Doolittle, Eugene Friesen & Nicole Lizee (forthcoming)

2018 Christine Fellows, Roses on the Vine (forthcoming)

2017 Leanne Zacharias, Sounding the Wake of a Glacier (for Michael Belmore’s Coalescence project, presented by LandMarks2017)

Hear it here: https://landmarks2017.ca/info/michael-belmore/leanne-zacharias-sounding-wake-glacier/

2016               John K. Samson, Winter Wheat  (Epitaph/ANTI)

2015               Eric Platz, Life after Life  (Allos).

2015               I Want Light: A Tribute to By Divine Right, with Shotgun Jimmie (Indie88)

2014               Rand Steiger & the Talea Ensemble, Portrait (New World Records).

2014               Christine Fellows, Burning Daylight (Arbiter Ring Publishing).

2012               John K Samson, Provincial, Epitaph Records. (Polaris Prize nominee)

2011               Christine Fellows, Femmes de Chez Nous, Six Shooter Records.

2010               Steve Bates, The Wrong Echo, Oral Records.

2010               Mountain Goats, "Tyler Lambert's Grave" (online release).

2010               John K. Samson,  Provincial Road 222, ANTI Records.

2010               Ruth Moody, The Garden, Red House Records.

2009               Christine Fellows,  Reliquary, St. Boniface Museum, with Winnipeg Arts Council.

2008               Robert Jenkins: Res Gestae: the Music of Robert Jenkins, Independent.

2007               Toronto Chamber Orchestra, Romanza, Naxos Records.

2007               Christine Fellows,  Nevertheless, Six Shooter Records.

2006               Linda Hiebert: A Quarter of a Mile West, Independent.

2005               Christine Fellows, Paper Anniversary, Six Shooter Records.                      

2003               Clive Holden, Trains of Winnipeg, Endearing Records. 

2002               Christine Fellows, The Last One Standing, Six Shooter Records.

2000               Christine Fellows, Two Little Birds, Endearing Records.

1998               Steve Bell: Romantics and Mystics, Signpost Music. (JUNO award winner)

1997               Wyrd Sisters: Raw Voice, Independent. (JUNO award nominee)